saga is

A nerdy, tactical fast paced hero combat game in a fantasy setting: Items, builds, abilities, fast to play, 1vs1, action points, scales for more players, with an ever evolving hero pool.

your own

You and everyone else owns the game. It’s a truly free open source GPL2 and later project that you may play, develop, copy, spread or even sell. You got the power and no greedy corp is taking it away.


Play saga on the kitchen table with paper pieces or on PC/Mac/Linux via Steam & Tabletop Simulator, online or offline in couch mode. We give you all and invite you to port it into other formats.


We have a stable rules framework. Check out the extensive written and formal rules system, or watch a video for a quick start. If you read there is only 11 essential pages in order to fully understand the game.


Everything you need to print and play the game, or develop it as digital photos for top quality and thicker paper. You can even laminate it if you like it. Included: All balanced heroes + currently in playtesting heros, the board, tokens.


You always automagically get the latest version of the game by using Tabletop Simulator and Steam on Windows, Mac and Linux. The digital version of Saga is free, and you can play it online or offline.


All you need to keep developing the game, create new heroes and cards. You’ll need open source goodness like Inkscape. Please notice that all our assets are copyleft, released using the GPL2 and later.

Support us! Everyone can help somehow...

We’re a purely community driven project and need help in order to further develop new content. Consider helping us – it means a lot.


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